How to find people to follow in / new

Right now (including does not have groups, tags or a public stream, yet, so you have to follow people to populate your stream. But how do you find people to follow in the first place ?

  • Other people’s followers / following lists – when you look at a profile, switch to their followers / following tabs, then you can click on the links and follow those people, if their profile looks interesting. If you don’t know ANYONE, yet, you can start with Evan (400 followers) or Jpope (300 followings).
  • Firehose – there IS a public stream in, in form of a JSON feed under JSON is not exactly the nicest format to read, but you can view the Firehose feed in some clients like Puma (Android) or Pumpa (Desktop / QT).
  • Bashscriptville – Jpope created some interesting bots, ranging from XKCD to Shakespeare, view his blog post for details.
  • X11R5 is another interesting bot to follow. He’s an artificial intelligence that learns from other posts, follow him on
  • Meanwhile – Once you follow some people, you can see when THEY follow new people in the meanwhile stream to the right, and you can follow them, too, if they’re interesting
  • Invite your friends – tell your friends (real life or other social networks) about, and invite them to follow your stream and to try out

My recommendation is, to follow at least 20-30 people, so your stream gets populated … like any social network, is only fun with friends, so don’t be shy, most of us don’t bite 😉

PS: Check the comments for more great suggestions (and feel free to add a comment if you know another good way to find interesting people in


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